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stair railing

Friday, May 21st, 2010

This was a project we did last summer as part of an ongoing house renovation – that we hope to have more images and drawings of – in the future – in the ‘project’ section of the site. This particular part of the renovation involved an existing stair and the design, fabrication and installation of a new railing. The technique utilized the development of a gradient image ‘rasterized’ into a dot pattern. The pattern was subsequently used to CNC mill the plywood for the railing.

railing railing_2 P1030856sm P1030851sm P1030863sm P1030867sm spacer_50x300

triangular blooms

Friday, May 21st, 2010

area’s competition entry Triangular Blooms awarded top ten in the 10up Atlanta design competition. Rhinoscripting was utilized in developing the design and for connecting it directly with fabrication technologies. The proposal was for a thin shell vault composed of over 500 different plywood and steel elements. The competition brief asked for projects under a $5000.00 budget that could be built in several weeks and assembled on site in 24hrs. We wrote the script with the aim of randomizing the ordering grid of vault – creating variability of the parts – within a certain range. Our friends from UMich Wes Mcgee, David Pigram, Brandon Clifford, and Matt Johnson won with their outrageous 60 foot foam tower – which they are constructing – as I write this. Our boards below:

10up_1734-a_web Print spacer_50x300