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tetra | n – Runner Up TEX-FAB Competition Entry

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Our Runner-Up entry to the 2010 TEX-FAB Repeat design competition.

tetra | n project is based on the desire to design a generative
self-supporting structure capable of variable form – through utilizing a
single robust detail – one which could be fabricated out of flat stock
material. tetra | n project accomplishes this through two means. First is
the development of part geometry based on a tetrahedron (see diagram) –
structured in this way – the generation of more complex geometry through
simple base geometry always produces well – formed planar objects.
Additionally, coincident faces of adjacent tetrahedrons always produce
continuous forms – joints always meet correctly – regardless of the
position or scale of the next part. Secondly – through the utilization of
Rhinoscript – highly complex variable formed structures of n tetrahedrons
are possible. The script is ‘run’ on an assembled tetrahedral base
structure – part generation, connective element generation, labeling,
drill holes, and part flattening are integral functions of the script.

tetra | n is formed as a single unified tower structure with an occupiable
base that supports itself simply by standing on the ground. Depth and
redundancy in the form develop not only a robust structure – but a level
of complexity and intricacy found only in organic forms. The visual effect
is of a structure that is, on the one hand, highly ordered, rigorous and
geometric, and on the other degenerates into near chaos, simulates organic
growth, and confounds clear distinctions between foreground and background.