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Falling Sky Lights – Final Version

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

The final version of the lights lost the ‘hair’ but involved a much more sophisticated system of parametric manipulation and scripting for tabing production. A PDF explaining the specifics of the system and more images of the lights installed can be viewed here. On these final versions the tabing is still both structural and ornamental – but used subtly – as a shadow.


Falling Sky Lights – Version One

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

This was a project that began last summer and was completed in January this year. We were commissioned by Rob Cohen to design lights and furniture for a new brew pub, Falling Sky Brewing, that he was opening in Eugene Oregon. These are some images of the prototype of the first version light – what we were calling the ‘hairy one.’ We designed a parametric system in grasshopper to be able to alter the overall form of the light – then after unfolding we ran a script we wrote to create the tabing. The drawing shows how we were experimenting with the morphology of the tendrils. Key was the idea that the tabing not only holds the piece together (i.e. is structural) but also plays an ornamental roll. The only fasteners in the piece are the ones that hold a laser cut acrylic bracket to the body of the light. We adapted an inexpensive IKEA fixture to use as a light source.


kitchen tent | parametric/scripted model

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Click on this link to view a short video that demonstrates the parametric/scripting system that we developed in Grasshopper and Rhinoscript to manipulate the digital model throughout the design phase. After a form is selected – a script is run on the main regulating lines to create the structure. Note: the video is without sound. Total Length: 5.45